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    Why can't I convert Publisher 2007 files to pdf?


      My OS is Vista. My application is MS Publisher 2007. I have the latest version of Acrobat Pro 9. I can't convert the .pub file to a pdf. It starts, then I get a dialogue box saying, "Adobe PDF Printer failed to create the PDF file." I have no problem converting any other file formats. I have tried converting directly from the .pub file; from the printer dialogue box, as well as trying to open the file in Acrobat Pro 9. Nothing works. Is this an MS Office, Vista or Acrobat issue?

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          KenjiKat Level 1


          I solved my own problem. Acrobat does not recognize certain fonts used in Publisher as embedded, e.g. I was using Lucida Sans. As soon as I changed to Arial (that ubiquitous typeface), I was able to convert. Strange, though, I can convert MS Word documents with any old typeface with no erro messages or dialogue boxes about not being able to convert the font to pdf. And, if this is an ongoing issue with converting Publisher files to pdf, then how on earth do I know what fonts in Publisher will allow me to convert?


          Will still welcome any discussions along this line as it may be just a glitch with Acrobat Pro re printing Publisher files to pdf.

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            Stix Hart Level 5

            Not sure why this would be happening but you could try the Microsft download that lets you save documents as PDF or XPS files, the latest version is actually quite good for saving Publisher files, it will also allow you to convert them to CMYK.  I wouldn't recommend using it for anything else though.

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              KenjiKat Level 1

              Thanks for the help.


              I downloaded the MS Office Service Pack 2 that came out this April. That still didn't deal with the embedded fonts issue. So, I went into Acrobat pro 9's Preferences and under Display-Rendering I unchecked the box that says "use local fonts." That did the trick. I did not check that box originally, so I think it is a default when loading Acrobat 9.


              So for anyone experiencing the same difficulty with converting MS documents - adjust your Acro 9 Pro preferences first.

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                I realize this is an old topic, but this is the exact problem I'm having.  I'm using Acrobat Pro 9 and Office 2007 on XP.  When I go to Create PDF>from File> and open a publisher document, it appears to go through the entire process and then gives me an error saying it was unable to create the PDF and to fix the problem and try again.


                I've gone into my preferences and unchecked the "Use Local Fonts" that was previously mentioned and it still isn't working.  I really don't use publisher, I'm trying to streamline a process for another department but I can't even get the darn thing to convert to a pdf.  So if there's something I'm not doing right, please give me suggestions.

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                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  If you are missing the PDF option in MS Office 2007, you may
                  download a plug-in from MS to create a PDF without Acrobat, go
                  to the MS article search page and do a search, or go to the MS
                  Office update page and search for the file to download
                  Office http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/downloads/default.aspx
                  or Direct to

                  http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=4D951911-3E7E-4AE6-B059-A2E79ED87 041&displaylang=en

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                    chellescreations Level 1

                    Nope, I've got that and I've got distiller so I can print to pdf.  The issue is I can't use the acrobat convert to pdf button in publisher, nor can I use the create pdf from file option in acrobat to do it.  Ultimately, I'm trying to help this person batch process 150 files but I can't convert the publisher documents from within acrobat like everything else (word, excel)

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                      KenjiKat Level 1

                      Are you using Acrobat 9 Pro? When you use "Open" while in Acrobat to get to the Publisher file are you making sure the file type (at the bottom of the dialogue box) says Publisher files?


                      I have Acrobat 9 Pro and Publisher 2007 and have no problem using the convert button in Publisher to create a pdf , or using Acrobat to open a Publisher file into a pdf format. Try re-loading or repairing Acrobat; could be as simple as that.


                      Have you tried a "Save as" and choosing pdf, from the Publisher file save dialogue box?

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                        chellescreations Level 1

                        I am using Acrobat Pro 9.0.0 and Publisher 2007.  It doesn't matter if I start with a template or just put a colored box and some arial text in the publisher file, I can't get any of it to convert aside from using the commands inside of publisher (Publish as or Print)


                        I can print to PDF from Publisher.  I can also use the "Publish to PDF" option in Publisher.  I can't use the Acrobat "Convert to PDF" button, the Adobe PDF menu commands, the open command in Acrobat, or the "File>Create PDF>From File".  In all of those instances the conversion will start, I'll see Publisher open and the conversion start and then when it gets to about 50% I'll get an error saying "Adobe PDF Printer failed to create the file" and when I hit OK on that the status changes to "Acrobat was unable to create the file, fix the problem and try again"


                        Obviously if absolutely necessary, we can print to PDF.  But the lady I'm trying to help (I'm a designer, I don't use publisher) has a ton of files to convert that are all word, excel, and publisher files.  She claims it takes days to open them all up and convert, so I'd like to be able to find a way to do it from within Acrobat if at all possible.  The word and excel files work just fine, I'm only having issues with publisher.


                        As for the open command, the only choices that I have are .pdf or *.* (all files).  When I select the publisher file it does say test.pub in the file name, but I don't see a way to change the file type in the acrobat dialog to .pub


                        I work for the government, so we're pretty locked down here.  I don't even think I can do a repair.  I will have someone try it on another system though, just in case that is the issue.  If it works, I'll update again.


                        Edit: I tried it on another system and I am having the exact same issue.


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