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    Cannot uninstall AIR on Mac OSX


      First, using 10.5.6


      I cannot uninstall AIR from my system. I have tried everything. Here is what I have tried.


      - Using uninstaller: It is missing from /Applications/Utilities

      - Forcing uninstall in terminal: It runs an uninstall and then says it has failed and to check log.

      - Deleting framework: The framework is NOT in /Library/Frameworks

      - Installing AIR: The installer won't run because it says that the current version is installed on my system.


      Any suggestions? I can't install OR uninstall AIR!!!

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          fgzr Level 1

          Just solved this:


          cd /Library/Frameworks in terminal followed by


          sudo rm -R ./Adobe\ AIR.framework

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            Thank you so much for posting this. I had the exact same experience while trying to install the newly released (NY) Times Reader 2.0. That installer said that AIR wasn't there. Reinstalling AIR told me it was there. The Adobe Help site said use the uninstaller in the Utilities Folder. It wasn't there. I must have spent two hours trying everything until I happened on your post. Your suggestion worked. AIR reinstalled and so did Times Reader 2.0. Thank you for taking your valuable time to post and help others like myself.