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    AVCHD Lite support (1280x720/50p) from Panasonic LUMIX and SONY ?

    dominique92100123 Level 1

      I got a Panasonic Lumix TZ7 that gives good videos AVCHD "lite" 1260x720/50p.


      I have a Sony VAIO with Adobe elements 4 and VAIO extensions for AVCHD, but this support only 1080/50i.

      I cannot even import .mts or.mt2s files into Adobe elements...  SO:


      I tried Corel Visual Studio, can import AVCHD lite but rendering is shaky and unusable...

      I tried Sony Vegas, can import AVCHD lite but no provision for rendering in the same format, conversion to 1080i crashes...

      I tried Pinacle Video Studio 12.1, can import AVCHD Lite but reads it as double speed, unusable too

      I tried a number of converters downloaded on the web, but no obvious success, double conversion, 10 times the footage length to convert...

      I tried iMovie, but it cannot import.


      I am so sorry that all thoses software providers are technically so late...



      This format is out for more than one year now, and there is no chance that the big number of such product user will ever buy editor software. They try, fail and abandon.


      AVCHD Lite is an official product suported by the international association AVCHD, and there is no reason to dismiss it. There are now cheap chips to go to cameras and this market will grow without any support for editing, marketing are you there ??? developpers are you there ???


      Please tell me what to do to edit my films.





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          Paul_LS Level 4

          Sony Vegas Pro 8 (with the latest 8C) or Vegas Platinum handle AVCHD Lite. PE4 does not handle any AVCHD format... PE7 handles AVCHD but I haven't tried it with AVCHD Lite. If you are having problems you may need to convert it to another format with a program such as VoltaicHD


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            dominique92100123 Level 1

            Thank you Paul,


            Here is the response from Sony Vegas Support(yesterday), No rendering in 720p AVCHD...

            Réponse (Whitney M.) - 07/05/2009 09:52 AM


            Il n'est pas possible de rendre en 720p AVCHD. AVCHD sera toujours pleine résolution, 1440x1080 ou 1920x1080. Cependant, vous pouvez rendre votre vidéo HDV 720-30p.




            I cannot see the benefits of rendering in 1920*1080/50i the 720/50p original, in vegas it is not as good as the original and it often crashes, also 720p rendering should be lot faster, and of course smartrendering could be used as rendering format would be the same than input format.


            Converting with voltaicHD, is as long as rendering, then edit and wait another night for rendering again, not talking about quality loss. And also but this is subjective 720/50p which is in fact 25images per second give a "film" feeling that you loose when converting to /50i.


            I have just this problem with many software companies, Hundreds of marketers, two developpers. So it is difficult to release stable and up to date products...




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              dominique92100123 Level 1

              Good News,


              Despite what Sony support says !!?!!!

              Try the last version of Sony Vegas 9, it works wonderfully with Panasonic 720/50p  (Panasonic codec seems to come from Sony...)

              You can even render the file in 720/25p or even 720/50p (by typing 50 in the combo box)

              Use File   Advanced  New personalized Template, Format:AVC, Size 1280x720

              Binary Kbits Base Line

              Profil CAVLS

              Imlmage 25 or 50(type it)

              Encoding 20000

              Audio 192000

              And you get an mp4 file with the same characteristics that your original and the same quality

              It is not packed in an MPEG-2 envelope but who cares

              You can even pack it after in an MPEG2-PS with VLS and get a completely comform m2ts.


              Best Regards




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                Thanks Dominique!

                A week ago I bought a Panasonic Lumix TZ7 too, and I have exactly the same problems. I searched over internet and I think your answer is the best at the moment.

                But I never used Sony Vegas 9, can you help me?

                What  version? Sony Vegas 9 platinum is ok?

                And then... could you guide me step by step personalising the template? Cause I'm a beginner I had some difficult configuring the software following your instructions.

                Thanks a lot!

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  You might also want to post to the "Community" (basically the fora) on Muvipix. I believe that several users there also use Vegas and might be able to give you some suggestions and input. The site functions on three general levels. You can read and post to the Community. You can sign-up for free and also access some of the functional content, like original music, stock video footage, stills and some of the articles. You can also purchase the premium content. Or, you can subscribe and access all of the functional content for no additional charge. For general video and still info, it's a great site. Many of the posters here are also members there, so you'll likely see some familiar faces.


                  Good luck,