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    JSON and Java through BlazeDS

      I'm using a regular httprequest to make call to a Java app service that returns JSON. Can I make that same call using BlazeDS and AMF? I'm having problems with Flexsessions when mixing the two and want to just keep all my service calls in remoting.
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          I don't have much problems between flex sessions and sessions in a JSP (if that is what you mean).

          I would suggest to investigate some time using Blaze-DS because it will give you a must faster response time then using JSon.

          What is your exact problem using sessions??

          Here is a example what I do :
          set user_id in a session
          FlexContext.getFlexSession().setAttribute("user_id", id);

          get it back:
          id = (Integer)FlexContext.getFlexSession().getAttribute("user_id");

          get it in a JSP page:
          user_id = session.getAttribute("user_id");

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            adudas Level 1
            Thanks for the reply. Well problem is that I am making some calls to my AMF service first and that sets a session cookie in the broswer. Then when I use the Java service over HTTP, that service sets another session cookie and my app gets confused. To fix it, I have to delete the session cookie after my AMFcalls return which is a bad hack. I tried making my Java calls over an http proxy but I keep getting a "NetConnection.Call.BadVersion" error