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    Adobe Presenter - audio and video

    1leona Level 1
      Could someone please tell me the difference between adding audio and video to a PP presentation via PowerPoint vs. importing and adding audio and video using the Presenter tab?
      Also, I'm looking for a list of things that won't work when publishing. For example, I noticed that animations, slide transitions and QuickTime movies won't work after publishing.
      Thanks SO much.
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          Check out the documentation on Presenter -- there are some very specific ways you need to add audio (use "Record Audio" or "Edit Audio" in the Presenter menu) and video (use "Insert video" in the Presenter menu).

          Powerpoint has facilities to do these things as well, but Presenter won't be able to publish them, from what we've determined.

          For animations, again, read the documentation carefully -- all your animations have to be set to "On Click" or "With Previous" -- i.e., they can't be timed animations. Again, Presenter won't be able to translate these timed animations -- you must "click" them into view (you do this as you're recording audio with "Next Animation", or you can do it after recording audio using "Synchronize Audio").
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            flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
            If you add audio and video through PPT the audio and video will be lost when you publish your presentation. Animations will work after publishing but you need to use the audio editor or synchronize audio tools to tell presenter when you want the animations to happen on your slide. Slide transitions don't translate and QuickTime movies don't tranlate because the are A) on a local file path and Presenter plays by server rules and won't look to local file paths and B) Presenter plays in the Flash player and QT movies are not supported by Flash. If you have a QT movie you can try using the import video tool and it should convert your QT movie to a FLV which will be kept with the presentation and is supported by the Flash Player.

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              1leona Level 1
              This is very helpful!
              It's a little strange though when I have an animation that I don't need audio with. I guess I have to leave the microphone turned down to get <b>something</b> recorded so that I can add my animations. Is this correct?
              Thank You.
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                robva65 Level 2
                Actually 1leona, if all you intend to do is have a slide with animated ppt elements without audio, an alternative option/approach would be to add enough silence to a slide which would give you enough time for your anim(s) to play out.

                So the simple solution is to add silence, then I believe you'd have to go back and use the Audio Editor panel to position the "click markers" or the Synchronize panel which will give you the same net result. Either way should work just fine.

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                  I imported the video thru Presenter, and checked the "resources folder" an FLV version of the video was there. When I Published to my computer and previewed the project the video appeared. But when I moved everything to the web folder, the video does not play. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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                    flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
                    Did you publish to a zip file and then upload the entire zip file to a server?

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                      maximumvegas Level 1
                      i guess it had something to do with port 1935. I tried uploading to another server that hosted our online courses and it did work there. No - i did not zip it. Just published in my computer and copied all files to an intranet web folder for preview and it doesnt work. But when I tried on a different server, it worked.

                      Thanks anyways!
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                        Karzons Level 1
                        Congratulations! Realy good work