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    How to make stills duration less than 00:00:00:01 ?

    envirographics Level 1


      This may seem an odd request, but I have a sequence of several stills of a propeller blade on a model, sort of time lapse, move and photo etc, which when played together rotates the prop. They are currently set to 00:00:00:01 and play loop sees a very slow rotation. I thus need to make them even less than that duration. Is that possible and how is it done ? They currently form the project. R/click duration and altering 01 to 001 doesnt work, the last two numbers being frame number and 25fps is the project value.


      Perhaps I need to make the project more than 25fps, so that 00:00:00:01 which means 1 frame I presume, will be seen as far less of a second than 1/25th ? How do I set project to a higher fps if this is the solution ?   Then would I save out or export the finished film as a 25fps clip to use elsewhere ?


      I also found it silly that I had to right click on each stills clip in timelie and choose duration. I tried selecting all of them and r/click duration but duration was greyed out. If I had a lot there, surely there must be a way of making all their durations the same amount at once ?


      I am unable to zoom the timeline to drag their size less.