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    Please help projector.exe stays in memory!! How do I take it out??

    carface100 Level 1

      Can someone please help me with this problem as its making working with Director very irritating.


      Basically when I create a button to exit an application I put this code in on the button:


      on mouseUp me


      I open the projector.exe and then click on the close button I created. Now this closes the application but the projector.exe is still running. I check it in the Task Manager and under processes it shows the projector.exe still in there. When I close the window with the standard X button in the top right of the titlebar it closes the application AND takes the .exe out of the memory.


      When I reopen the projector it then put another .exe in memory and again and again however many times I open the projector and dont close it with the X icon in the titlebar.


      This can cause problems later on with not being allowed access to files because more than one .exe is open.


      Please can someone help me to find out how to stop this? It will be very much appreciated!!