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    xml error

      I am calling this XMLvalidate function and getting error message instead of returing FALSE. Any idea.. Thanks
      name = "xml_validate"
      output = "yes"
      access = "remote">
      <cfset myResults=XMLValidate("#xml#","/c/www/test.xsd/")>
      <cfif #myResults.status# neq 'YES'>
      <cfset myResults ="FALSE">
      <cfset myResults ="TRUE">
      <cfreturn #myResults#>
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          Nick201 wrote:
          > Any idea..

          What is in the 'XML' variable and where is it set. I do not see it
          being set inside the function.

          P.S. You do not need to use quotes and pounds like that. You can just
          use string variables in any function parameter that expects a string.
          I.E. <cfset myResults = XMLValidate(xml,"/c/www/test.xsd")>
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            > getting error message

            It would help a great deal if you didn't keep us guessing as to what the
            error message says.