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    Difference in 3d between director 11 and director 11.5



      Currently, I'm doing some 3d stuff in director. My project is about 2 3dworlds with a few avatars in it, which you can go in and back freely. I use clonemodelfromcastmember method. For the first world, everything seems fine so far but there's problem with the second world. The model seems arranged differently from how it was developed in 3ds max. But then I just got the director 11.5 installer from my company so i've installed in another pc. I dont know how, there's no prob in the second world. So I thought that maybe there's something about 3d that director 11 doesn't have. So i compiled that file, transfer the browser and .dcr file, and play the browser file in the first pc, where i installed director 11. The problem is still there. I dont know where to fix because i dont know what the problem is. I've compared the models properties but everything is just the same.


      Please help me.

      Thnx in advance~!