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    Unable to Capture files

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      I've been trying to perform a capture using Premiere Pro CS4. The camera im using is Sony DCR-HC42e. When I try using the capture feature, and the setting are for DV, the capture window advisory shows " Cant activate recorder. Try resetting camera". The camera seems to be fine. When I change the setting to HDV, I'm able to control the camera using the controls in the Capture window, but am unable to capture anything. The Record button is diabled anf the window advisory now reads Capture device offline. The display is blank. I checked other video software and I am able to capture the video using Windows Movie Maker as well as WinDV. Im using a firewire connection and a Windows Vista for the capture and the system has 1.5 GB RAM installed in it. I have also installed the drivers for the camera. Can anyone help me resolve this issue?



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          At least the firewire cable is not the problem. What do you mean you installed the drivers? Vista does not need any drivers, they are included in the OS. When you connect the camera, turn it on, then in a default configuration the auto play message appears and you can choose to open PR. Set up a new project using the standard presets for either HDV or DV, depending on how you setup your camera in the menu for HDV or DV. If it does not work like I described, do a search for capturing problems. There are a lot of posts with similar issues. You may start out with the related topics on the right hand side.

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            Eddie Lotter Level 4

            When I change the setting to HDV


            Do not change that setting on the camcorder while it is connected to your computer. The OS cannot detect the change and therefor PPro does not know of the change either.