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    flash document background wrong size problem


      I have a flash file that a customer has sent me that needs changing. (It is a flash website header with links to the site pages and a logo above. I have deleted the logo above) One of the problems is the size. I would like to half the size of the document as there is a lot of
      white space in the top half where I am going to add a static logo to a
      webpage (with these flash site links below). When I open Flash CS4 and click Modify > Document..., I can change
      the height dimensions but the white background changes but the whole of the
      flash movie is now under the document.


      How can I change the possition of either the rest of the document or the
      background of the document to fit under my movie so that the whole document displays as a flash movie at the correct size?


      Another problem that  I am having is changing the links in the template to the page names that I am using on the site. I don't seem to be able to even find the buttons to make the changes. What ever I do to view them I can't 'see' them when scrolling the time line but when I export or preview the movie all the elements are there. I am pretty stuck so any help would me greatly appreciated.




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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          For the sizing issue you need to physically move all the content.  You can do that by selecting the objects and using the Up Arrow or by dragging with the mouse.  You can select the items by using the selection tool on them on the stage or the frames of the timeline.  If there are multiple keyframes on a layer, you can only move one at a time, in which case it's better to use the Up Arrow approach so you can keep count (Shift:Up:Arrow takes bigger steps).  If you cannot select the items, it is likely the layers are locked--which you can unlock (the lock symbols next to the layer name).


          For the buttons, it is possible their layer is invisible, which you can make visible (the eye symbols next to the layer name), or they are dynamically added to the movie using code.  In any case, the links for them would have to be coded somewhere, so you'll want to check the timeline frames that have actionscript in them.


          If the buttons are dynamically added, then they will probably also have code indicating their y positions that you'll need to adjust for the new height.

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            robdillon Most Valuable Participant

            It sounds, from your description, that the Actionscript was written in version 2, and the code is attached directly to each button. If you open the Actions window and select one of the buttons, you may see the code in the Actions window. It will probably start with on(release) ... If that proves difficult, then in the Actions window, you probably have a horizontal splitter with a column of Actionscript information on the left and the coding space to the right. At the bottom half of the left column you will have a movie explorer space. You can expand that space and then select elements in the movie to find the code that is attached to any given element.


            For your first problem, is the Flash movie embedded into an html document and the document that you are referring to is in html? In other words, the Flash movie is floating in the html on this page. If this is the case then you will need to change the html coding to place the Flash content in the correct location now that it is a different size. If this is not the case, then can you elaborate?

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              lenny109 Level 1

              Thanks for the answers they were a great help and I managed to sort both problems out following your help. Most appreciated.