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    Can't move obj

    Set Screen name Level 1

      Set mInd = CreateObject("InDesign.Application.CS3")
      Set myDoc = mInd.ActiveDocument
      Set myPageItem = mInd.Selection


      '''here sample from Olav

      ''Given a page item "myPageItem," perform a
      ''move to an absolute location:


      myPageItem.Move ([12, 12]) '''''Indi writes "External name not define"


      ''Given a page item "myPageItem," perform a
      ''move to page 2 of document "myDocument":

      myPageItem.Move (myDoc.Pages.Item(2)) '''Indi writes "Obj doesnt support... method"



      copy some named object, paste on some working page and ajust it's x,y-coordinates.


      I'm in CS3, scripting in VBS/VBA