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    Problem with Text and Select tools


      I have been using Fireworks CS4 with no problem since I purchased it a few months ago - But about 2 weeks ago I started having problems.



      1) I select the text tool and then select the canvas to get the text area box and then can not type.  very frustrating...

      2) I can not select any element on the canvas by simply clicking on it. The only way I can select an element is with the "control click" command.  also frustrating...


      I am on Mac OS 10.5.6, Adobe CS4


      There are no problems with the mouse or keyboard.


      Anybody know of any ways to fix this?

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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          Did you apply the new updater that was released last week?

          Details here (Fireworks CS4 10.0.3 updater) - http://www.adobe.com/support/fireworks/downloads_updaters.html



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            Nadia-P Level 5

            Try the updater first as suggested by Heathrowe and if that doesn't do it, maybe try resetting the FWs preferences:



            Quit Fireworks.

            Locate the      Fireworks  Preferences file on your hard disk and delete      it.
            The exact location of this file varies from system to system.


            In Windows, preferences      are      in your user-specific Fireworks      configuration folder.

            Windows [Drive]:\Documents and      Settings\[UserName]\Application Data\Adobe\Fireworks CS#\English\


            In Mac OS, preferences are      in      the Library/Preferences folder in your      user folder. For information about      locating      your Mac OS user folder, see Apple Help.


            Mac  [User]/Library/Preferences/Adobe      Fireworks CS#/en/Fireworks Preferences


            Note: On Mac OS,      most  Fireworks user-specific configuration files are stored in      your   user-specific Application Support folder.

                      The Fireworks CS4 Preferences file is an exception.


            Restart Fireworks.The next time Fireworks is      launched, a new preferences   file will be created that restores      Fireworks to its original   configuration.