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    Frequent Crashes in Vista When ImporterPhotoshopProxy.prm Loads

    teajay74 Level 1

      I have Premiere Elements 7 and Photoshop Elements 7 and am using Vista 32bit to run them.  Whenever I used Premiere Elements, it frequently crashes at the point that "ImporterPhotoshopProxy.prm" loads.  So it seems that that particular *.prm files loads up.  I searched the forum and Google and couldn't discover others having this problem, only the Wave_Warp.AEX issue, which isn't happening to me.


      What does ImporterPhotoshopProxy.prm do anyway?  Sounds like it has something to do with Photoshop, of course, and something to do with importing and sharing content with it, but I can't think of what to try to narrow down the possibilities.  I've tried rebuilding the plugin cache and even reinstalling Premiere Elements but I still get this crash, about 25-45% of the time.


      Thanks for any input.