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    Collapsible Panels in IE6

      When I view this page http://www.accelerateinnovation.com/recommended_links.htm in IE6, the first collapsible panel disappears upon rollover. However, the rest turn red as desired. Is this related to my question above?

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional
          First we need to get your Spry up to date to make sure this is not a bug that was fixed in later Spry releases.


          This is the Spry Homepage. On that page you will find a link to download the Spry Updater Package. Inside the package you will find a bunch of samples and an Extension. Install the Extension and restart DW. Then under the Sites menu you will see an option to update your Spry code. Run that update.

          Now seeing as how you renamed the SpryAssets folder, it may not update your menu properly. I would highly recommend renaming the folder back to the default before proceeding because I am not 100% sure if the script searches out the files or the folder (which would have the files inside).

          Then once that is done you would need to re-upload the SpryAssets folder (or whatever name you give it).