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    How do i open EPS file with "rasterize generic EPS format" options in photoshop CS?


      Hi please can someone help!?

      I'm using Photoshop CS on mac- when i open EPS format files i usually get the "rasterize generic EPS format" option so that i can select the size i want the file to be etc without losing quality. However on one file i've opened before i don't seem to be getting that option at all, if i open the EPs file it just goes to a standard size automatically and doesn't give me the chance to change the size.  This is the same file that i have used since being sent the file, i've not resaved it. It used to give me the rasterize generic EPS format option but it no longer works.  Any ideas how i can make those options appear when opening or how i can rasterize/resize it once open without losing quality?


      Just to be clear, i still get the rasterize generic EPS format option when opening other EPS files but it seems not with this one particular file.


      Many Thanks