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    Extract txt with delimited zone


      Hi, I'm a new on acrobat scripting, but I think that what I want it's possible.


      I have x pdf with 1 to n pages and composed by a landscape/portrait mixed (i have full access on there)

      I must take the address in the first page (always in the same zone to each pdf) and write the pdf name in a file text.

      In add, I must rotate only landscape page to portrait.

      All of this to a dos batch command if possible.


      I have decomposed that work in x steps :


      1- Read each pdf and launched a javascript to extract information for the file text.

      2- Fusion of each pdf in a full pdf page

      3- Rotate landscape page.

      4- Dos Batch process.


      The third step is completed and I have found how to do and work.

      To the first and second step I don't find any help/source to capture a zone of texte in a pdf (always a full capture)


      So, if anyone can give me informazione on :

      - how can I extract a pdf zone to a text file in javascript ?

      - how can I combinate file in javascript ?

      - how can I use an acrobat javascript with a dos batch command (on windows XP)?


      Thx for the help.


      >> I found a solution to step 1 but i don't like this.

      With the "Edit Batch Sequence" after tested there pdf, I see nothing fields or objects to export. So, I croped the first page on the recup zone dimension and I deleted the others with the js script instruction : this.deletePages(1, this.numPages-1);

      But to export I use the Select ouput location of the Edit Batch Sequence and export files to alternate format - mode Text-plain. Because ExportAsText don't work...

      So with this type of trick Batch Sequence that work !!! but it's not what i want any help or tip please !!


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