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    accessing Text within a Nested Movie


      Hi can any one help me on this i am quite new to flash, basically i have a slide show running automatically

      which displays pictures on a timeline and also have buttons associated with each photo to display that picure when it is clicked

      I have added so text to show which each slide bit i want the text to become a hyper link to a website but for some reason it does not work


      I have attached the *.swf unfortunately the forum wont let me attache the *.fla file


      1) i tried using static text and the in the property inspector in the url section inserted the url it should target, then



      2) i tried setting it to a dynamic text so that i can make use of the instance name within actionscript by doing this


      say instance name of the dynamic text is called "myText" i used this code  which i know it works;


      on(release) {







      also i tried in the Main movie clip..in my Actionscript layer where my other code resides


      myText.onRelease = function() {







      still no joy (the syntax might not be right here but i made sure it was in the code and tested it in a test clip and it worked so the code is good!)


      and set the url again still nothing , then just for test purposes i tried converting my text to a button symbol it STILL did not WORK!

      but now check this out


      all this experiments i then tried on the main movie clip (masterclip_MC) WORKS! flawlessly, but where i am trying to do this is a set of  timeline frames where the text appears in(one layer) movie clip (photosMC)  WITHIN the main movie clip, hence it is NESTED so how do i do this, acessing a


      can anyone please help??? i can send my *.fla file, i know this is so simple but i just dont know aenough of flash to do it....

      here is the tutorial i used to create my slide show which was fantastic i also wrote to the SlideShow Creator...has not replied yet.