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    Cannot download books from sample library




      I've just installed Adobe Digital Editions for my computer and connected it to my Sony Reader.


      Adobe Digital Editions took me to the sample library website where there is a list of books, when I click to download a book I get some prompts asking if I'm sure I want to open digital edition etc, I accept all. Digital Edition gets started if it's not running, but it does not add the book to it.


      Edit: further testing shows that some books can be downloaded while others can't.

      e.g. The Geography of Bliss works, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes doesn't, it redirects me to a file name URLLink.acsm which wants to open with Digital Edition, but doesn't do anything. The contents of the file are some xml with resources and tokens.


      What am I not doing right? How can I download all books?

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          Got the same problem. Can't download some eBooks. Importantly can't open books from British Library - the only reason I've installed the program.


          Also it keeps crashing when closed which may be related.



          Problem Event Name: APPCRASH

          Application Name: digitaleditions.exe

          Application Version: 9.0.1085.27

          Application Timestamp: 49da78f3

          Fault Module Name: rapistub.dll_unloaded

          Fault Module Version:

          Fault Module Timestamp: 465eef68

          Exception Code: c0000005

          Exception Offset: 6bec4e00

          OS Version: 6.0.6001.

          Locale ID: 2057

          Additional Information 1: b2be

          Additional Information 2: 82109204b3973566ace818217390e302

          Additional Information 3: 36f3

          Additional Information 4: 99a6b5c0b5c2bf4e8631028c821216b6



          As someone mentioned here, RAPI seems to be part of Microsoft Acitve Sync.

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            Alison Copley

            I have exactly the same problem. Was able to download Alice in Wonderland and Geography of Bliss from the sample library but not Sherlock Holmes.


            I too need to read documents from the British Library which of course don't work. I have wasted a lot of time on this stupid application, should have just got on the train and visited the library in person.


            I have just noticed that that the sucessfully downloaded books are stored in a folder in the computers administrator account; in Admin > Documents > My Digital Editions. Surely this is not right. Explains why the bloody thing is always asking for an administrator password.

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              I found a workaround in this thread: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/445354

              I have to download instead of directy opening the ascm files, but the downloads work. This blocking "feature" of Vista is something I hadn't seen seen before, I had no info about it.