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    .net components


      I am using an SDK in Visual Studio which uses custom components for displaying documents. Is there a way that actionscript/flex can understand this components and render them when returned by a web service?

      C# web service...

      public WebThumbnailViewer Example()
      WebThumbnailViewer tnv = new WebThumbnailViewer();

      return tnv;
      catch (Exception ex)
      throw CreateSafeException(ex);

      Actionscript EventListener...

      private function Example(e:??????????):void
      var comp:???????? = e.??????'


      So, this .NET service returns a new WebThumbnailViewer, which is obviously an unrecognised object for flex. What can I do to have this rendered in a flex app?
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          ntsiii Level 3
          You can't. There is some magic approaching this level between ActionScript and Java, via remoteObject(AMF), using registerClassAlias(), but nothing like that kind of integration with .net. Even the AS-Java serialization is just for value objects and not for full, visual, interactive components.

          Great fantasy though ;)

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            afcb_chezza Level 1
            Thank you for your help.

            Does anyone think there will ever be any progress or research into this? Would there be a similar interest in this sort of feature from others, as there is with me?