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    How to get WTP on my Flex Builder 3 Standalone Version: 3.0.214193?


      Hello All,

      I have downloaded the Flex builder 3.0.2 from the adobe website, and am trying to install the WTP plugin for it.

      When i use this link http://download.eclipse.org/webtools/updates/ for getting the plugin it throws the error as :


      Java Persistence API Tools (2.1.1.v200902200210-7A79BjDZRDE7GUMQDJGD) requires feature "org.eclipse.platform (3.4.0)", or compatible.


      Any many more like this. I know my eclipse plugin version is 3.3 version.


      I am not sure how can i upgrade my eclipse which came with Flex builder standalone to the 3.4 version. And also is it possible to use standalone only as using the flex builder plugin in not an option for me right now.


      Or any other way if i can use Tomcat from Flex builder without using WTP ??


      Please help