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    Executing .air file from vc++


      I am currently executing an air file from vc++ by using the command "ShellExecute".


      ShellExecute(NULL,"open", fully_qualified_file_name, NULL,NULL, SW_ShowNormal);


      The above is working fine.


      But my problem is that


      "I don't want to show the setup window to user"


      I want setup should be run in silent mode so I tried with "-silent" parameter but It did not worked.


      My Problem:


      1. How to hide the setup screen from user.


      2. Because I am hiding the setup screen from user. I want that the destination folder should also be specified by paramaters of ShellExecute command.

      Actually I am taking the destination folder in C library. I want my application should be install at the location where my C library wants.


      Please Reply