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    Problem with aspect ratio

    JeppeB Level 1

      Hey everybody


      Back with another question, this one also a beginner question, but I'm extremely puzzled by this problem. I'm editing my movie and in the source window the picture shows up just nice, however in the program, source window the picture is small on both sides. I have a sense that it is the fact that Premiere will only let me export in 720 x 576, but I'm not sure and it's very anoying losing material like this, since every shot is different than intended.


      Is there some way to change this?


      I'm working in Adobe CS3 Trial, until I get my CS4 version. Can this problem be helped in the new version or where did I go wrong?





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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          I'm not sure I fully understand the problem here.  Perhaps more information...

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            JeppeB Level 1

            Hmm my english is not the best and I'm lacking the technical knowledge of Premiere to make this more precise. All I can say is that it changes the ratio, when I'm editing my main sequence and when I'm exporting, hence all my shots lose their wideness, I guess its a change in aspect ratio, resolution or something like that, but to be honest I just don't know. It could be fairly simple, I just don't understand why there is a difference between watching my original material in the source window and the edited stuff in the Main Sequence window.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              It sounds as though you have a mis-match between your Project Preset and your source footage. I believe that the two Monitors that you are referring to are your Program Monitor Panel (displays the footage on the Timeline, per the Project Preset) and the Source Monitor Panel, that displays the source footage. If each is set to 100%, they *should* display the same, if everthing matches.


              Check your Project Preset (how you set the Project up, initially), and then in the Project Panel (where all of your Assets are shown) Rt-click on one of the "faulty" Assets. Choose Interpret Footage, and see what the listed specs are. You can make changes there. You can also Rt-click and choose Properties, if you just want to check these Assets' Properties. No changes can be made there.


              My guess is that you will find a disparity between the Project and the Assets. You might be better off creating a new Project with Presets to match your footage. This is always the best approach.


              Good luck,



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                JeppeB Level 1

                Thanks for the replies.


                I think your right and I think I understand the solution to the problem. Presumably the Pixel Aspect Ratio of the Project is D1/DV PAL(1.067) - and when I look at "interpret footage" with the different sourcefiles they all display 16:9(1.422). I have already edited some, so I'm also asking, if it isn't possible to change these settings without starting all over again and thus losing my material. Or can I move my sourcefiles and the settings of the cut I already made to a new project with the correct settings?

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  First thing that I would do is a Save_As [new filename] (so you still have your entire original Project, as is) and work with that. I'd *think* that Interpret Footage would get you where you need to be. If not, nothing lost.


                  Next, your idea of starting a New Project with the proper Presets would be a good one. Import your existing Project into that. Remember that it will come in with a Bin structure for your old Project. Dbl-click on the Timeline IN that Bin structure to get it to display.


                  In CS4, I believe that one can have different Presets for each Sequence (no longer globally set by Project). Still think one might have to use Interpret Footage, however.


                  Good luck,



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                    JeppeB Level 1

                    Thanks man, I really appreciate it - It is working now and I can go on with my project.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Great news! Glad that you got it sorted out. Editing is a lot more fun, than troubleshooting - at least for me.