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    extracting resourse like .ai & png files from a flash project


      Hi! I have been assined the task of extracting the images from old flash projects and am having a devil of a time doing so.

      There are lots of programs that you can extract info out of the swf files, but these don't give you the original .ai Ilustrator files that may have been used to create the presentation with, or png files with transparent backgrounds.

      Is there a plug-in in Flash that allows you to capture these items in the document?  when I drag the item from the library (lets say a .ai file) to the stage and right click and copy it, it only gives me part of the item when I paste it back into illustrator... and when I drag the PNG resource to photoshop I get it with a background I do not want.

      any help on this would be great!!!!

      I have both cs3 and cs4 so a solution in either one would be great!