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    ASPX and image upload problem.




      Although I am using and administering a site with Contribute CS4, many of the other people on the team are using earlier versions of the software. We have run into a situation where people updating ASPX pages cannot add images "From my computer" to the pages they are editing. They can place the images and publish the pages, but after publishing, the image does not get uploaded and the IMG SRC link is to the local file on their hard drive, rather than an uploaded one.


      Here are some of the things I've been able to figure out:

      • using images "From the website" on aspx pages WORKS
      • creating a blank ASPX page with no content other than a <p> tag and adding an image "From my computer" DOES NOT WORK
      • using images "From my computer" on html and htm pages WORKS
      • using images "From my computer" on aspx pages with my version of Contribute CS4 WORKS


      The two users that are currently experiencing the problem have Contribute 3, and have publisher roles. I am told that they previously had the ability to upload pictures on these pages and something happened recently (my upgrading to CS4?) to stop it.


      Thanks in advance for your help,