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    Acrobat 9.0 Javascript Debugger

    Joe The Engineer

      I'm trying to learn some stuff about writing javascript in documents for acrobat.  All of the documentation that i've looked at tells me that i have to go into Edit Preferences ---> JavaScript and hit the Enable Javascript Editor Checkbox.  At this point, I should be able to bring up the editor with CNTRL+j.  But that doesn't do anything for me.  The only way for me to see the editor is to go to Advanced ---> Document Processing ----> Set document actions.  It is very difficult with so little information to even know where to start. So should the editor be popping up now when i hit CNTRL + j????  There is very little information readily available in the editor to let me know what's going on, and almost all of the information i find on line is for earlier versions of acrobat.