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    Agro range on following code


      A couple weeks ago, I was assissted by kglad in recieving a code that makes enemy MC's follow a player mc controlled with the arrow keys, and food MC that moves away from the player. the code for the food is as follows:


      var runBallA:Array = [food1MC,food2MC,food3MC];

      for(var i:Number=0;i < runBallA.length;i++){
           runBallA[i].speed = -3;
      runBallI = setInterval(runBallF,40);

      function runBallF(){
           for(var i:Number=0;i < runBallA.length;i++){
                var ang:Number = Math.atan2(runBallA[i]._y-player._y,runBallA[i]._x-player._x);
                runBallA[i]._x += Math.cos(Math.PI+ang)*runBallA[i].speed;
                runBallA[i]._y += Math.sin(Math.PI+ang)*runBallA[i].speed;



      my question is how do i put an agro range on this code so that the foodMC moves away from the player only when the player is within (i.e.) 100 pixels?