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    Premiere CS3 Won't Install

    DesignCBTs Level 1

      I'm finishing the build from Hades. I followed the Matrox system recommendations, apparently they had an easier time than I did. I finally resolved my issues with my video card, now Premiere and Encore won't install!

      System Info: Tyan Tempest 5400 (socket 771) motherboard, two Xeon Quad core E5450 CPUs, one ATI Radeon Sapphire HD 3870 1 gig on-board ram, two 2 gig FB DIMM 667 RAM sticks. Software version Premiere Pro CS3.


      I'm fairly certain I've met the minimum system requirements - I followed one of Matrox's highest system builds (at the time). The version of XP I bought already had Service Pack 2. As far as I can tell, I've loaded all my drivers. I have two separate 1 TB drives (7200 RPM). My DirectX version is 9.


      The install process for both Premeire and Encore appear to proceed normally. The summary screen simply notes:

      "Successfully installed 2 component(s):
      Adobe Preiere Pro CS3 Third Party Content
      Shared components

      Errors: 2 component(s):
      Adobe Premiere Pro CS3
      Component install failed

      Shared components
      Component install failed"


      I bought my RTX2 last summer, but building my house, technical diffulties with my system and my mother's death delayed getting this unit assembled.

      I tried uninstalling using add/remove programs, with the same results.  I also tried using two different DVD drives.


      I started a post on the Matrox forum site.  It looks like I have them stumped...


      Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          OK, you've got a "clean system," and I assume that you have not had a "trial" version of CS3 installed on it, right?


          I'm going to throw out some ideas on Adobe program installation. These are distilled from various Adobe fora. Some might NOT apply to PrPro, but many might.


          1.) download and install the lastet Adobe Flash Player (some Adobe programs need it to install properly)

          2.) download and install the latest Apple QT Player (some PC users get by just fine without it, but a few Adobe programs want to see it.

          3.) download and install the latest video and audio drivers. Update any firmware.

          4.) turn OFF ALL anti-virus, spyware and pop-up blockers (including any in IE, if you have it, or any other browser). Also turn off

               Windows Messenger and Windows Indexing.

          5.) make sure that you are logged-in as an Administrator

          6.) as you got an installation error, I would Remove both Adobe programs (Add/Remove Programs) and also run Adobe's CleanScript. I think that

               this might be better than doing a Repair Install, though you can certainly try it first.

          7.) if it still fails, try an installation from a Safe Mode boot. I *think* that this will only work for PS and Illustrator, and NOT for PrPro.

          8.) if it still fails, and I hate to even suggest this - remove the Matrox card and all drivers, and try again. Given your efforts to get the box up and

               running WITH the Matrox, I'd use this as a total "last resort."


          Good luck, and I hope that something, prior to #8 works for you,



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            DesignCBTs Level 1



            I've got/done everything you menioned, with a few exceptions.  I'll update Quicktime and Flashplayer.  I may try the Safe Mode install a little later.  There's no antivirus software on the system yet.  Thanks for the suggestions!!