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    Creating Map IDs


      I have a large project with about 300 topics in it.  (Larger than I've ever worked on.)  We hope to deploy it in October with context-sensitive help.  Many of these files have the same titles because they are insurance coverages that are available in different categories of coverage (for example, professional liability both at the General Liability level and also at the Umbrella level), so that leads to confusion for me in making sure the correct topic covers the correct screen.


      What is your suggesion for mapping IDs?  One of my friends suggested the auto-generate function, but I thought I get more input by posing my question here.  Is this the best method?  Are there problems with doing this?  If so, what, and how to prevent them?


      Many thanks.

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Personally I would not use the auto generate procedure. We have upwards of 100 CSH calls (and growing with each release) spread across 10+ merged projects. I want to make each mapid unique to the application (not just to the help project) to make things easier for everyone to understand. This means that mapid XXX_1 always belongs to a particular dialog and can not be for two dialog covered in separate help files. The "XXX_" is a unique identifier to each merged project that enables us to quickly identify which project the mapid refers to. You can set this prefix up in your mapid options to save you having to retype it.


          As far as the physical act of creating the mapids is concerned, I have a blog post that describes the procedure. Oersonally I tend to manualy edit the .h and .ali files as I find that easier than using the RH dialog. I also tend not to use the "project map File" preferring to create a new one with a name relevant to the project. This is just me making sure there is no confusion with the same map file names across multiple projects.


          A lot of the above is not really relevant is you don't have a merged project setup. Hope this helps.


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            flytowngal Level 1

            Thanks for the reply.  I am a total novice at creating map IDs.  If I choose to use the project map file option, do I need to rename all of my topics with, for example, sequential numbers? 


            I'm not sure how to set all this up without changing topic names to agree with the map IDs.  Obviously, I'm not as well-versed in RH as you are as I use only its basic functionality.  I'll take a look at the link you sent me and see if that helps.


            Thanks for the info!


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              RoboColum(n) Level 5

              Hi Maggie. Hopefully the link will help you further. If not, let us know. You don't need to rename any topics. You just create mapids in the map file dialog which are then assigned against a topic. The developers then code the mapid so that when the Help button (or F1 Key) is pressed, it opens the topic.


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