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    How to apply Strong instead of Bold

    disneeprincess Level 1

      Hi, I'm a RoboHelp newbie. I've taught myself RH 7 using a book (just last week.) 


      We are importing Word documents to RH. A consultant created the Word style sheet and told me to use Strong instead of Bold in Word. I did that. I've imported the document into RH. Now I notice some words that need to have Strong applied to them. I can't find Strong as a style in the .css. (I used the .css that was created from the Word import. There are words in Strong in this document.)


      I have two work-arounds right now:

      I know I could go back to the Word document and apply Strong there and then import again.

      I have copied existing words that are in Strong and pasted them where I need Strong and then changed the word to be what I want.


      However, I wondered if it makes a difference in RH whether I continue to use Strong instead of Bold? If so, where do I find Strong? Or can I just use Bold now?


      Thanks for any input!