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    Scanned PDF files are too big


      I am an attorney and am trying to become paperless as much as possible. My problem is that when I convert a WordPerfect file to pdf using the conversion program in WP that allows you to save a file as a pdf file, the resulting conversion, Adobe pdf file comes out much smaller than the pdf file I get when I scan that same document into pdf using a scanner. More specifically the scanned file is about 3x the size of the WP converted to pdf file, e.g. a 12 page power of attorney of 51kb in WordPerfect, is 123kb when I convert it to pdf using the conversion feature in Wordperfect. On the other hand, if I scan that same power of attorney using my MFC machine and Paper Port 9 program, the resulting file is 7,409kb. I think the difference is that the conversion file is a text pdf file, while the scanned pdf file is an image file. What kind of scanning software will give me a smaller pdf file - i.e. an text file as opposed to the huge image file that I get when I scan?

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Acrobat can scan the file and perform OCR (Optical Character) Recognition. However, the best OCR from Acrobat will leave the image (so you can have an exact duplicate) and create text invisibly behind so that you can search the document. You can use Acrobat to create a relatively pure (no image) text oriented pdf file, but Acrobat doesn't do it better than other programs like Omnipage. The size of the files you mention are still relatively small. Why are you worried about the size of the file. If file size in an issue scan greyscale or B/W when possible. For greyscale and color you can get away with 150/200 dpi if you are not going to run OCR.

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            I need small files to email - at 7,300 Kb its too big to email.  I am not interested in this case for OCR I want to be able to PDF files to a client to sign and then scan the document with the signatures on the documents to put the scanned document on my computer


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