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    Images dissapearing when scrolling in TileList.



      In the application I am working on, I need to load a large number of images to a TileList on the clients computer. Since they can't be embedded, they were taking a long time to load since each image could be 3-4mb+. In an attempt to reduce the load time (initially and when reloading when scrolling) when the user selected a directory, I would load each image using a Loader and store a scaled down Bitmap of it in an Array. I bound the source property of the Image in the ItemRenderer to the Bitmap in the Array.

      This works really well and the images load faster however.. When I scroll and an image goes off the screen and I scroll back to it the tile is blank. Checking the debugger I see that as soon as the tile goes off the screen the BitmapData property of the Bitmap in the array becomes null.


      Any ideas on what might be causing this? I can post the code if it would help. Thank you in advance for any help.