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    How to speed up ProgressEvent.PROGRESS to catch small file uploads?

    kmdguy Level 1

      Hi there,


      I'm uploading some files to a server. On Mac OSX the Event.COMPLETE listener does not work. It works fine on Windows, but not on OSX.


      So, to test if a file is complete I'm monitoring the ProgressEvent.PROGRESS listener. This works pretty well most of the time on OSX and 100% of the time on Windows.


      My problem is that when I try to upload files that are about 100kb or smaller on OSX, the file apparently uploads so fast that a ProgressEvent is never fired or it's missed and so my script doesn't know the file is complete. I'm testing if bytesUploaded == bytesTotal and small files never seem to register anything in the ProgressEvent. However, files larger than 100kb and up seem to work file and the progress bar moves and I can register when the file is done. This is only OSX.


      Is there way that I can somehow speed up how fast the ProgressEvent is called to listen so it can catch small files' progress?


      Any ideas on how to overcome this? I wish Event.COMPLETE would work on OSX with my host but it simply won't after weeks of testing we can't get it to work so monitoring the ProgressEvent is the only other alternative method of trying to tell whether a file is complete or not. If anyone has any "Plan C" ideas I'm open to that too.