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    Can't export to tape - Premiere Pro CS3


      I'm using Vista 64 bit and haven't noticed other problems. The file is not HD.


      Export to Tape is grayed out in Premiere and other programs. Should I be able do the export even so, if everything is set up right? I'm going through a Sony DSR-11 to VHS. I set the DSR-11 to record (with no tape in it) as well as the VCR. When I put in a VHS tape with video on it, it shows up on TV, but when I try to come in from Premiere, the screen is blue and shows the time elapsed if I play the blank tape or try to record on it. And nothing gets recorded.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Basically what you are doing is a D-A (Digital to Analog) passthru with your Sony, right? I'm not familiar with that camera, but if the manual does not cover D-A operation, you might try placing a blank tape in the camera. If that has no effect, you might try placing the camera in Play Mode. Different cameras behave differently. That's why I mentioned the manual. It *might* have instructions for doing the passthrough operation, though more often, one is doing an A-D passthrough.


          Also, does this camera offer passthrough? Many UK/Euro models have this feature disabled, an a lot of mfgr's are omitting it entirely.


          Good luck, and please let us know if you find the exact scheme to do the direct D-A transfer.




          PS One could record to miniDV tape, and then Play to the VHS recorder. Downside - uses a tape and takes twice as long, but might get you to the VHS in less time than tracking down the exact sequence to do it via passthrough.

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            Mortimer IOU Level 2

            Isn't the DSR-11 a tape deck? And does it have a firewire input? If so, have you done this before successfully? Can you capture okay with Pr?