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    No-repeat on flash video using shared object

    jhawtin13 Level 1
      I posted a couple of days ago, and did not get the response I was looking for, but I think thats because I did not give enough information. I am editing a flash template and I need it basically not to repeat the video when you change pages in the site, the video is integrated with the sites navigation system, so they cannot be seperated. This is the code that the template company provided me to do this.

      var today = new Date();
      var so:SharedObject = SharedObject.getLocal("time");
      var period = 15000;

      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------

      if (loaded == total)
      if (!((_root.today-_root.so.data.val)<_root.period))
      _root.so.data.val = _root.today;
      _root.gotoAndPlay(2); //full animation
      _root.so.data.val = _root.today;
      _root.par = "skip";

      They are using flash 7 in the example. I am running off of CS3 and the template file is flash 8, so I am wondering if this is creating my problem. I am not very good with action scripting. The only other thing I thought may be the issue is where do I place the code, they were not very clear about this in the example. I am unsure if all of it is supposed to go into a particular layer, or a specific spot in the movie which would make the most sense.
      - One last question: the number value for the variable 15000, what units is that supposed to be in?
      I really appreciate any help that I can get!
      Thank you.