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    Images dissapearing when scrolling TileList.



      In the AIR application I am working on, I need to load a large number of images to a TileList on the clients computer. Since they can't be embedded, they were taking a long time to load since each image could be 3-4mb+. In an attempt to reduce the load time (initially and when reloading when scrolling) when the user selected a directory, I would load each image using a Loader and store a scaled down Bitmap of it in an Array. I bound the source property of the Image in the ItemRenderer to the Bitmap in the Array.

      This works really well and the images load faster however.. When I scroll and an image goes off the screen and I scroll back to it the tile is blank. Checking the debugger I see that as soon as the tile goes off the screen the BitmapData property of the Bitmap in the array becomes null.


      Any ideas on what might be causing this? I can post the code if it would help.


      I'm not limited to loading the images this way. I had just seen something similar and was trying to adapt it. If anyone has any other methods or controls that may work better please share!


      Thank you in advance for any help.