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    Preloader for external swf load


      I have my main swf file and two external swf files i'm trying to load into the main one.  I have preloaders for each external swf file but when I have the main swf file it won't load the preloaders it seems to be loading the entire thing and then showing the swf.  How do i change that to showing the preloaders i already have?


      here is my code at the beginning on each external swf, I don't know that much about actionscript so any help would be greatly appreciated.






      function preloadF(){


      fractionLoaded = getBytesLoaded()/getBytesTotal();

      myBar._width = fractionLoaded*212;  // i'm not sure about that 408, but you can check that.

      myText = Math.round(fractionLoaded*100)+"%";


      if (getBytesLoaded() == getBytesTotal()) {







      here is the code to call and load the external swf