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    AIR Output - Comments not being displayed by topic


      We created AIR output from Robohelp 7 project for a SME review session, wanting to utilize the comments feature to capture their changes at a topic level. We successfully send/receive to the XML location on the shared server, and if we look at the XML directly, we can see that the comments are being written to the file and saved. And, if we do not limit the comments shown to the current topic (e.g., set Show > Comments for Topic set to All), we can find the comments for all users. However, if we want to see only those comments that apply to the current topic, we aren't always able to.


      Strangely, this problem is not universal, and for some of the reviewers, worked as we intended. When we watched the users add comments, save, and then click send/receive (per the instructions we gave them) they are doing the process correctly. Cannot figure out why it works sometimes and not other times.


      Oh, also, it appears that much of our formatting (which includes a lot of indented lists) is getting wacky in the Air version (it displays correctly as the html webhelp pro output).


      Any ideas, suggestions?