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    this corrupt font file is really getting on my nerves


      okay, ive had it with this corrupt font file of mine (trajan pro)


      a lot of the pictures i use on my site uses this font for certain descriptions,  and one day i just started my fairly new PC and this font appeared corrupt/broken. at first, i wasn't sure if this was a permnant problem, so i just ignored it, but then i realized that whenever i undo my image too much, the words using the fotn would suddenly swap to another differenet font.


      So on my other computer which also has adobe fireworks CS4, i tried to copy the font file and transfer it to my computer with the broken font. There was an error that occured and it wouldn't let me, saying that it was broken or something. Right now what I have to do this transfer my images back and forth to my new and old computer via flash drive and typing the font in that way which is a huge pain.


      How can i repair this stupid problem?


      Also, i dont want to install another fireworks, as i only have 1 more installation on my CD (student version)