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    I'm so frustrated: Serial Number and Support Problem

    David Hinkle

      I have what I thought is a pretty basic problem.   When I install flex in my 64 bit vista environment the software accepts my serial number but prompts me for it again every time I try and start flex builder.   After I enter my serial number the software works fine.  I assume it's just a vista compatibility problem and that support should have an easy fix.

      So I call support, after half an hour on hold I try hard to explain to the nice Indian man what my problem is, and after about another 15 minutes on hold he escalated my call.   While I'm waiting on hold the phone system drops my call.


      So a little frustrated I call back.   The new nice Indian man has record of my first call, so he escalated me right away.   Then a secretary of some sort answers the phone but her english is so poor I have a very difficult time understanding her.   Eventuall she tries to sell me a support agreement, I'm certainly not buying a support agreement from someone who doesn't speak half decent english so I ask for her manager.


      He speaks very good enlish and apologies for my difficulty.  He explains that I've been escalated to flash support and that he can't help me and he must transfer me to "server" support.


      I wait on hold again.  I get another lady.  She tries to sell me a support agreement.   I ask to speak with her manager.   She refuses.  She says no managers are available to speak with me.   I demand to speak with her manager.   She puts me on hold "until one is available"


      Apparently at this point I'm back in the main queue, because after 10-15 minutes I get picked up by another first level support technician.    I am currently sitting on hold with her.


      What do I have to do to get support on this instalation issue?  Is there a number I can call and speak with people that have some idea what is going on?  I don't even think the people I've been talking to even know what flex builder is.    Anybody experience this before and have any idea what is going on?


      Honestly, if I hadn't already invested months of effort developing flex applications with this software I'd return it after the experience I've had.   I have no problem talking to indian first level tech support people when they speak good enligsh and will escalate me properly when they can't solve my issue.   This experience has been the worst I've ever had in tech support.



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          Vera Carr Level 2

          Hi David,


          Apologies for the difficulty with support, I will follow up with them. With regards to your problem, I would suggest first trying to delete the license.properties file which is located in ..\ProgramData\Adobe\Flex. If that doesn't work, recreate license.properties in the same location and enter the following into the file “flexbuilder3=xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx” (where xxx etc is your serial number). Let me know how that works.



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            David Hinkle Level 1

            I found the license.properties file and everything looked fine.  I followed your instructions, but neither deleting it or creating it manually changed the situation.  (Other than when I deleted it, flex no longer told me my trial was over).

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              J Seeba Adobe Employee

              I'm not sure if this will help but I think when I installed Flex Builder 3 on Vista I needed to right-click and "Run as Administrator" for the serial number to work.  If you aren't prompted for the serial number when you launch flex builder, I think you can go to Help > Manage Flex Licenses... (or somewhere similar) and enter your serial number.


              After the serial number works, you shouldn't have to run as administrator any more.



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                David Hinkle Level 1

                Thankyou for your help, but I tried that as well and it didn't seem to have any impact.

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                  matt_chotin Level 3

                  Hi David,


                  Email me offlist at mchotin@adobe.com and I'll see if I can get someone from support to contact you.



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                    David Hinkle Level 1

                    Thankyou everyone.   Adobe contacted me directly and apologised for my bad experience.  I was put in touch with a support person from Canada that helped me solve my issue in about half an hour.   I really feel much better about the whole situation now, at least I know Adobe cares about my problem and is taking steps to improve their offshore tech support.   I am told tommorow that I'll receive a call from an individual in management that wants to hear about my experience so he can improve the situation.


                    In the mean time to anybody reading this I would definatly recomend posting your request here in the forum instead of trying to call the tech support number.


                    And for anybody that may be experiencing the same problem:   Running the application as administrator would not fix the problem, but logging in with the actual administrator account and launching the application did.   In order to log in as administrator on vista you must enabled the account with the following command.


                    1. Run a command shell with "Run as administrator"

                    2. Execute:  net user administrator /active:yes

                    3. Log out and then log in as administrator

                    4. Run flex builder

                    5. log out and then log back into your user account

                    6. Run a command shell with "Run as administrator"

                    7. Execute:  net user administrator /active:no

                    8. Run flex builder


                    This procedure fixed my problem