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    analog capture device ?


      I need to buy a analog capture device, can anyone recommend one that works well with Adobe premiere elements

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          VideoJohnny Level 1

          Sorry. Adobe Premiere Elements does not support snalog capture devices.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            If you mean an A-D "bridge," then I'll add a few:


            The ADS Pyro gets a lot of high marks, and many here, plus on Muvipix use it. IIRC, the price is about US$150. You might want to survey this forum and also Muvipix for comments on this device.


            Canopus offers at least two: the 110 & 300 versions. Were I buying, I'd probably opt for the 300, but it is more expensive. I like the TimeBase correction available. The 100 is about the same price as the ADS unit.


            I happen to use a Turtle Beach caputer card and it works well. If I did not already own it, then the Canopus 300 would get my vote.


            Good luck,