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    Adobe Media Encoder de-interlace question


      My video in the preview displays horribly interlaced, this is odd because the footage in the timeline displays correctly and clearly as well as my original footage. What seems to be the problem, I've tried rendering with de-interlace as well, it still shows fairly bad after being rendered.

      All my original footage is 1280x720, 25fps.




      My settings:

      Format: H.264

      Range: Entire Sequence


      NTSC, 1280x720, 25[fps], Progressive

      AAC, 160 [kbps], 48 kHz, Stereo

      VBR, 2 Pass, Target 8.00, Max 8.00 [Mbps]


      Video Codec: MainConcept H.264 Video


      TV Standard: NTSC

      Width: 1280 px

      Height: 720 px


      FPS: 25Field Order: None(progressive)

      Pixel Aspect Ratio: Widescreen 16:9

      Profile: Main

      Level: 4


      Bitrate Encoding: VBR, 2 Pass

      Target/Maximum Bitrate: 8




      Attached Files to show ya what I mean.




      Rendering an uncompressed video yeilds the same results as Media Encoder.