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    Video does not play in preview window.


      I have recently upgraded to CS4 from CS3.

      In any part of CS4 that uses video; Encore, Premeire and After Effects, video will not play in the preview window from a timeline when the play button is pressed. The playhead doesn't move, but the Play button toggles from Pause to Play when pressed.  However, when I scrub the video, I can see it in the window.  Video played fine in CS3.

      My graphics card is a PNY nVidia Quadro FX 570 with the 178.26 driver.  My computer is a Dell Precision 670.


      I recently completed a project where I had to trim about 48 QuickTime video files created in Premiere 2.0, compressed with Sorensen 3.

      The files were then added to Encore, and a DVD was created.  The DVD worked fine.  At no time could I preview video, unless I opened the edited video in QuickTime.

      This has also happened with still and AVIs.

      At no time do any of the CS4 programs freeze or crash the system.

      Has anyone had this happen to them.  Is it a graphics card issue.... I can't seem to find any info on a similar problem.