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    GellyBean Level 1

      Hi all,

      I have 3 images...

      I created 3 movie clips for each one (a_mc, b_mc, c_mc). It shows up as one behind the other, but what I want is to: click on the  movie clip that is shown as the last one (or the second one) and have it appear at the front (a swap with the first) with a nice transition.
      Thank you all.




      Kglad answer:


      var mcA:Array=[a_mc,b_mc,c_mc];

      for(var i:uint=0;i<mcA.length;i++){



      function f(e:Event){




      // and you'll need to create your transition.


      My Reply


      Hi, Kglad...


      thank you for you Help. I think that I should not have post it this under AS3... because the answer to my question  actually is:



      on (press, dragOver) {
      on (release, rollOut, dragOut) {
      on (press, release, dragOver, dragOut) {
          _root.x +=2;

      I'm still looking for the way to do it with a transition or effect.


      (The effect I want is to see the transition from behind to front....)