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    Batch process

    Fiona Hayward Level 1



      Im new to using batch process and just trying to get my head around it.


      If I have a folder full of images that are varying dimensions (also some are wider than high, some are higher than wide).

      If I wanted to make whichever is the smallest dimension a particular size for all the images in the folder, bearing in mind that will vary between being the width

      or the height), is there a way to do this in batch process , or a command or something?



      If I have a folder full of images named eg 'DWP wedding photos(1).jpg' and 'DWP wedding photos(2).jpg' etc

      is there a way I can batch change the image names to something like 'wedding_sm1.jpg' 'wedding_sm2.jpg' etc?


      Any help appreciated



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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          For the scale irrespective of the portrait/landscape orientation, use the File > Batch Process > Scale > Scale to Percentage.


          For the renaming, also explore in the same location. File > Batch Process > Rename. However, as per your desired end result I cannot see a method of providing an easy 'sequential' numeric to the rename.


          Alternatively, you can use Adobe Bridge to better refine the Rename.

          Open Bridge > Tools . Batch Rename, one of the options is to allow to 'Sequential' numbering or letters.


          Note: If your uncertain of these methods be sure to test on copies of the originals, just in case



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            Fiona Hayward Level 1


            Hi Heath

            Thanks for that, I will experiment with Bridge.

            As for the scaling, Im not sure I see what you mean.  If all the images were a different size, and I wanted the whichever was the larger measurement to be, say, 700px, how would scale to % work?





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              heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

              Since all your image dimesions are different, using a fixed pixel change will distort. Unless you know all the images are the same w/h then changing the scale factor in pixels should be fine.


              However, if you have no way of accuracy against different sizes - but using percentage instead will keep the aspect ratio.


              You can also try the Scale > Scale to Size > Variable option from the droplist. Set the Width to 700px and set the Height to Variable. This will 'fix' the width as specified, and the height will automatically be proportional to the width.



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                Fiona Hayward Level 1


                Thankyou Heath


                If I choose scale > scale to fit area > then choose a maximum width or height, that works for that part of the process.


                Percentage doesn’t work, because I need them to be a particular size (either width or height, doesn’t matter , as long as nither of them exceeds 00px)


                For the part that I then want to find the smallest measurement (width or height) and make a particular size, there doesn’t seem to be any way that I can find in FW to do that.


                But, after searching on line, I found an app that does all that and more, its brilliant.  It will find the largest side, the smallest side, or whatever and change it to what you want and rescale the other side to fit.


                This is the link - http://www.rw-designer.com/picture-resize




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                  heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

                  Good find Fiona


                  Unfortunately, Fw Batch does not offer multiple 'conditionals' to validate against as this little utility seems to demonstrate.