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    Send variables to next page

      I'm new to FLEX, and very excited to finally be on the bandwagon, but I'm finding simple things difficult to do. My problem now is I have an app with 4 pages. On page one the user selects an account number, I need to pass this selection to the next page. I'm assuming this is correct:

      private function nextpage():void {
      var mycunum:String = cunum.selectedItem.toString()
      var url:String = "Update_Profile.html";
      var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest(url);
      request.method = 'POST';
      navigateToURL(request, '_self');

      On the update_profile.html I have a web service that needs this value passed in as an argument:

      <mx:WebService id="ws3" wsdl=" http://www.xxxxxxxxx/getcust.cfc?wsdl">
      <mx:operation name="getcustdetail" >

      When I put form.mycunum in brackets I get an error.

      The last thing I need to do is use the results from the webservice to populate the fields on the page. I tried with this

      <mx:TextInput x="133" y="38" width="155" id="cust_name" text="{ws3.getcustdetail.lastResult}"/>

      The web service returns a [2] array, so im not sure if the lastResult will work the value I want displayed is result [3], but because I can't get the webservice to work, I don't know what is returned. If someone could be so kind as to get me started in the right direction, I will have enough to complete the project.