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    Deploying application updates/remove applications




      I've recently succesful deployed Adobe Air on ~400 clients. I've also managed to silently install Air apps on those pc's. One of these applications needs an update or the application wont start up.



      • The users dont have admin rights, but we deploy software through Altiris with the system account.
      • We are using Adobe Air runtime for distribution
      • All clients has Windows XP (32 bits).




      I've tried to silently install the new .air file, but it will generate an error: Failed due to bad configuration. I've tried to uninstall the .air application by using the osid application to generate a GUID for Windows, but when I try to use the GUID I get an error about the software not being installed.



      How can I silently update Air applications?

      How can I silently remove Air applications?


      Thanks in advance,