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    Not sure if ID Server is what we need... Advice needed please.

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      Hi everyone,


      I'm in the process of setting up a small team to develop branding/marketing materials for a theatre show (we are a new production company).


      I've been looking at InDesign Server, but I'm not sure if it is the best solution for our needs.


      We are a small team, so our InDesign / InCopy workflow will be assignments based - essentially flat file (no database needed for that). The only hassle is that we will require versioning for each iteration of the documents that we produce.


      We have been looking at SoftImage (Autodesk) Alienbrain, which we have been using for other digital assets in the past. That works on a local file structure that you "get latest" from the server and can work on directly. This is great, but because of the linked files (INDD / INCX / INCA) we will be using, it can get a bit complicated as each person will need to check out every file in the directory for each layout. As they will all be on local folders, no "updates" will occur until everyone checks the files they have been working on back in and then "get latest" again.


      Would ID Server solve this? Does it have a more elegant method of handling situations like this?


      Many thanks,