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      How do i create a slideshow in instant movie without the lensflare effect


      Rob Lans

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          Paul_LS Level 4

          I assume you are refering to using the Themes. Once you have the "themed" slideshow on the timeline it should be compressed into one track. If you right click on it and select to break it apart it will be distributed over a number of tracks where all the effects can be seen. You can go to the section with the Lens Flare effect and disable/delete it.

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            JoseOJ Adobe Employee

            You could not create with out lenflare effect. One way you can remove the effect. Apply the instant movie then right the instant movie in timeline and ungroup. From the edit effects remove the lenflare.

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              Roblans Level 1

              The problem is that i am not familiar with premiere as with slideshows. We made a tour through Indonesia and it happens that the first day my videocamera was stolen. Normally i make videofilms and edit with Grass Valley Edius. But now I have to do someting with the the stills my wife took.

              The effects and transistions created by Slideshow Instant movie are in my opinnion overdone,so I want to delete and adjust some.

              I already figured out that I have to ungoup the slidrshow and go to the timeline.

              But that is as far as I come. Maybe you could give me a more precise answer how to edit the transistions/effects.

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Robians, it's not clear if you're talking about an Instant Movie/Theme or a slideshow.


                You can create a slideshow that just shows the photos themselves, with a transition between them, with no other effects included.


                A theme or Instant Movie, on the other hand, includes titles, effects, transitions and sometimes music -- each of which can be optionally turned off.


                Instant Movies are fun. But, if you're trying to make a "serious" slideshow that highlights the photos from your trip, you don't want to apply a theme or use an Istant Movie.


                You just want a slideshow.


                Isn't that the case here?

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  I am with Steve on this. I would NOT use the InstantMovie/Themes, but would do the SlideShow by hand, treating each image individually. You can manually do everything, and much more, doing it this way - no "one-button" solution, but a much better production in my mind. Personally, I feel that the Themes are too Q&D (Quick & Dirty) to be of that much use. If you are pressed for time, and just want "something," they are OK, but beyond that of little use.


                  First thing to consider is the size and format of your images. Steve has some great tips on re-sizing BEFORE you Import these, in the FAQ's. I believe that they are back up, after the forum changeover. Then you can Import and do almost anything to your images. I feel that this treatment will be far more personal and reflect how you saw the things, that those images depict.


                  Good luck,



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