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    [HELP] All versions of Flash running slow!


      I'm using Vista 64 on a more then adequate laptop, I initially used Flash CS4 and it was great for the past week but a few days ago it started geting really slow, whenever I copy, change frame, select something, basicaly any change action I have to wait about 5 seconds or more for a reaction. I'm using it for simple animation, no symbols, just 3 layers. I have a deadline coming up for my final production and if I can't fix this fast I'm screwed. I've tried every solution I can find, including trying Flash CS3 and Flash 8, nothing seems to fix the slow speed. PLEASE any help would be super appreciated.

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          ardo88 Level 1

          Update: Ok I just figured out its caused by lots of frames, no idea why, my computer is not struggling at all. I can work around this for now but eventually I'm going to need a fix, any ideas?


          Infact its specially drawings that consist of loads of thin lines (a style I'm going for), like scribbling with the pencil, although I still don't understand what is difficult about that, it's not like paint requires a super computer.

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            ardo88 Level 1

            No one have any ideas?

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              jendehaan Level 4

              I am guessing, but it sounds like perhaps there are just a ton of vectors in the FLA by this point (especially if it's happening in any version of Flash). Once you get to a certain number of vectors/data in the document, you use a lot of memory and things can slow down. Can you check what's happening in your resources?  You may need to optimize your graphics which may help improve the performance.

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                ardo88 Level 1

                Yea I was thinking it might be something like that but I can't see why, could you be more specific by what you mean by resources? My computer doesn't appear to struggle outside Flash, I'm using a 1600px900px screen, which is what I have used always.

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                  jendehaan Level 4

                  The dimensions of the FLA file won't make a difference, it just matters what kind of content in it (it may make a difference if the bigger size means you tend to put more things in it, that's all )


                  By resources I'm just meaning what's going on in the Task Manager (alt-ctrl-del and choose Task Manager or right-click the lower right corner of your screen and choose Task Manager). Flash may be using a lot of memory because there are a lot of vectors in the document. You can watch it go up and down when you make selections and so on. The rest of your computer may be fine, but each time you select something in Flash, Flash has to process all of the vectors/information in your selection then figure out how to manipulate (and so on). For instance, you can import a bitmap with the dimensions of your document and "trace bitmap" - in some cases you can kill the processor creating that many vectors (it's simply a ton of data to process).


                  Are there particular instances that are slower than others in this document?  You have tried this in earlier versions and it's equally slow in those as well?


                  You may want to save an alternate version of this FLA and try optimizing the graphics and see if you find there's a big improvement with that.

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                    ardo88 Level 1

                    Ok well then I'm even more puzzled, flash is using about 280k memory, with a blank document its obviously fine, but when project has one background, all made with flash paint and pencil, and 5 key frames of a drawn character, again just using flash pencil, no sybols or important images, its lagging a lot, anytime i click anything i ahve to wait ages for it to be complete, whether it be highlighting, copying, pasting, selecting a frame, changing frame, waiting for the drawn lines to smooth, changing tool, basicaly everything.

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                      ardo88 Level 1

                      OK wow I fixed it, the source of the lag were the drawings, which were very simple, using pensil tool alone. I wanted a drawn effected so they were sort of sketches (aka. a sketched line is not a single line but many lines over eachother), and the eyes of the characters were a mass of drawn circles to make a black circle. Now they had so much pensil lines inside them that they were the cause of lag O.o after deleting the drawn eyes lag is fixed, I'll have to use paint for them now. Flash isn't primarily an animation program, so I gues this isn't that unexpected. Still I hope this helps anyone who has a similar problem, thanks for the help mate, your advise lead me to investigate further and finaly find the solution!


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                        ardo88 Level 1

                        Flash cannot handle serious art made on it, my problem was using the pensil tool excessively to make a black ball. Thus in future either import your drawing as an image, or use fill and paint tools for colouring.